Patterns In Nature






The album „Patterns In Nature“
by Lars Leonhard & Roman Ridder is out now in all digital major stores ( itunes, Amazon etc.) and streaming services worldwide.




„Patterns In Nature“ by Lars Leonhard & Roman Ridder

We are very happy to announce the first collaboration between , Lars Leonhard and Roman Ridder.
The album varies between Dubtechno and Dubambient and will take the audience to a journey of deep electronic music. Available as download and CD. Mastered by Christian Vogel


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It is so awesome being part of the recent NASA video and to underline the overwhelming impressions with my music. We also celebrate our 11th video since the start of our collaboration 5 years ago. The track „Diaspor“ is part of the full lenght CD album „adrift in time

Explore the video on NASA`s Instagram : LINK



Outstanding News

Outstanding project with the American space agency NASA and the National Museum of Natural Science of Taiwan.

The Taiwan exhibition „ Wondering in the Solar System“ ist the outcome of the collaboration with NASA and the National Museum of Natural Science of Taiwan. I was also asked to join that collaboration and I can proudly announce supporting the exhibition with two of my tracks “Pulse and Glow” and “Rise up” of my LL album “adrift in time”. The special features of such exhibition are the 3 minutes 8k videos produced by the SDO Imaging team showing the outstanding images of the Sun. The National Museum uses for the projection of those NASA videos a high efficient laser projectors of 25k lumens, the brightest 8k projection in the world, a major technical innovation.

I’d like to thank the National Museum and NASA for such amazing teamwork and experience!!!

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LL CD-portfolio

I have just extended my LL CD-portfolio by the following albums: Dark Tales From The Woods, Orange Dawn and Erstwhile. Enjoy deep electronic music ♪♫♬ Follow the link: