The collaboration with NASA has been continued !!!

Image Credit:  NASA/SDO/ Wiessinger

Image Credit:
NASA/SDO/ Wiessinger

This solar flare is amazingly beautiful.

NASA used my track „No Comment – before sunset“ published by BineMusic.

A solar flare erupted on the right side of the sun on Oct. 2, 2014, while a cloud of solar material just below was flung out into space.
Image Credit: NASA/SDO/ Wiessinger


Music: “No Comment Before Sunset“ by Lars Leonhard, courtesy of the artist and BineMusic.

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best of unreleased 2010-2012

best of unreleased 2010-2012

That release is a compilation of 13 timeless tracks which have never been officially published or my past labels has quit and the tracks were not available anymore in the worldwide web. All tracks have been remastered in 2014 by Michael Conn.

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released 03 August 2014

Music is written and composed by Lars Leonhard
Mastering by Michael Conn /
Cover Artwork by Lars Leonhard

Dark Tales From The Woods

Lars LeonhardDark Tales From The Woods

A rare dark, dub – ambient characteristic album by Lars Leonhard. Mysterious and deep. Enjoy the journey through dark forests and explore the mystery.


Released 24 May 2014

Music is written and produced by Lars Leonhard
Mastering by Michael Conn /
Cover Artwork © andreiuc88 –


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