„Night Train To Berlin“

„Night Train To Berlin“ a first full length track from my new CD album „Passenger At Night“. Video Art by Melodía Castillo .


Passenger At Night
Lars Leonhard // BineMusic


Today, I have visited Labelowner Jens at BineMusic. My new CD album „Passenger At Night“ is available on Monday, 4 May at the BineMusic webshop.

To pre-order the cd album on KOMPAKT, klick HERE


(en) After his debut „1549“ and the second album, „Seasons“, Lars Leonhard will return to BineMusic in Spring 2015 with his coming full-length CD album. The new CD album „Passenger At Night“ is a journey to deep ambient, sound – landscapes and includes finest, extraordinary dubchords which are characteristical for Lars Leonhard. „Passenger At Night“ is the next stage of Lars‘ musicianship including 11 touching tracks influenced by dub-techno, deep-house, ambient. Subliquid basslines meets modern synth- sounds with lovingly designed rhythms.

(de) Nach seinem Debut „1549“ und dem zweiten Album „Seasons“ wird Lars Leonhard im Frühjahr 2015 mit einem neuen Album zu BineMusic zurückkehren. „Passenger At Night“ ist eine Reise in die Soundlandschaften des Deep Ambient und der für Lars Leonhard typischen Dub-Techno-Akkorde. „Passenger At Night“, die nächste Stufe seines musikalischen Schaffens, beinhaltet 11 Tracks voller Einflüsse des Dub Techno, Deep House und Ambient. Deepe Basslinien treffen auf moderne Synthie-Sound und liebevoll modellierte Rhythmen.
Coming on // May 11, 2015 (physical & digital)
Format // CD
Catalog Nr // Bine CD 033
EAN // 880319704024

Pre-Order of Lars Leonhard “ Passenger At Night „

Passenger At Night


Feel free to visit KOMPAKT for the pre-order of my new CD album “ Passenger At Night „.
Have a listen with the player.


CD compilation by sub.spiele “ LAVALAND „

NEW! sub.spiele Various artists CD compilation “ LAVALAND “ includes my track “ Mountain View „. Check it out!

when traveling through oregon last year i stumbled across this mystic place. the entire landscape was covered in lava. odly enough, quite a few trees had found their way to grow on this rocky ground. i stopped for quite a while, simply watching this breathtaking landscape, overwhelmed once again by the beauty of nature. 11 artists created a soundworld around this picture of that place. the goal was to capture the feeling evoked by this special landscape. just listen to the result and see for yourself. very deep dub techno – enjoy the tracks. everything is 100 % handcrafted and selfmade.

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