Dive Into TESS’s Southern Sky Panorama

It is so awesome being part of the recent NASA video and to underline the overwhelming impressions with my music. Music: „Above Clouds“ from Above and Below. Written and produced by Lars Leonhard , Credits: NASA’s Godard Space Flight Center Read more: https://www.nasa.gov/…/nasa-s-tess-presents-panorama-of-sou… Francis Reddy (University of Maryland College Park): Lead Science Writer
Claire Andreoli (NASA/GSFC): Public Affairs Officer
Scott Wiessinger (USRA): Lead Producer
Scott Wiessinger (USRA): Editor
Barb Mattson (University of Maryland College Park): Narrator
Ethan Kruse (USRA): Visualizer

This video is public domain and along with other supporting visualizations can be downloaded from the Scientific Visualization Studio at: http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/13285


NASA has recently published another outstanding video using my track “Phenomenon“ from my album „Above and Below“ based on our long-term collaboration. I am totally thrilled to share such great news with you. Enjoy the video on youtube

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.


Compact Disc – signed personally by Lars LeonhardCompact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

At least, Lars Leonhard releases a further full length deep electronic music album in typical Leonhard style. 

Give a listen to it, relax and enjoy deep electronic music. 


24 bit high quality mastering by Christian Vogel 

Christian Vogel : tinyurl.com/y8oxle3y

Cover art by © Johannes Plenio : www.instagram.com/jplenio/

released June 15, 2019 

My brandnew album „Pathway“ is out now in all digital major stores and streaming services worldwide.


♪♫ Enjoy deep electronic music ♪♫

Aeon – digital album


by Lars Leonhard

released May 1, 2019

Digital album

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