Doubly Warped World of Binary Black Holes

Hi friends, It is soooo awesome being part of the recent NASA video and to underline the overwhelming impressions with my track „Gravitational Field“ from my album „Orbit“. ENJOY
Credits: NASA’s Godard Space Flight Center
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Ad astra per aspera! Düsseldorf-based ambient dub & space music producer Lars Leonhard debuts on Synphaera with his latest album, Spaceflight.


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(Digital album release is on November 24, 2020
CD`s ships out on or around December 20, 2020)

pre-order of „Spaceflight“ has started

Hi friends,
I’d like to proudly announce my next album Spaceflight and I am thrilled of releasing it on Synphaera records.
The pre-order of Spaceflight has started and the album will be release as digital download—an extremely limited edition of 100 CDs will be also available—on 24 November 2020.
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„pay what you want“ in October at Bandcamp for all „digital downloads“

Dear Friends,
this year was a very challenging year for each of us. Humanity and solidarity is more important than anything else in this world. Such an awkward time made me urgently feel to provide my fans and friends with further „name your price „- „pay what you want“ in October at Bandcamp for all „digital downloads“.
Many thanks for your loyality in many years.
Stay safe,  Lars