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This awesome compilation include my track ” DEEPER DIRECTION”.

[ PASSAGES ], the third compilation by London based DJ, promoter and music journalist Massimo Terranova aka Nova is out now, available in CD and digital format. Following in the footsteps of his previous releases, Albedo in 2005 and Imaginary Friends in 2009, Nova presents a brand new mix of emo-ambient and electronica, gathering emerging artists and seasoned talents in the realms of pulsating minimal dubs, atmospherica, and downtempo. – Discover PASSAGES



What you always wanted to know about me ……A brand new Interview on DEKOMPRESS. Share/Support/Enjoy/THX!


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NASA | Colliding Comets Hint at Unseen Exoplanet – Backround Music : “Halos” from the EP ” Burning Clouds” by Lars Leonhard, courtesy of the artist and Ultimae Records.

[ Burning Clouds ] Includes the official backround sound “HALOS” from the NASA | Colliding Comets Hint at Unseen Exoplanet – footage. Enjoy the the video here:

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[ Burning Clouds ]

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Following his contribution to Mahiane’s Oxycanta III compilation, German composer Lars Leonhard, whose music has been regularly used by Nasa to illustrate their videos, joins Ultimae for a series of digital EPs.
Here comes the second chapter [ Burning Clouds ], a three tracks EP which presents delightfully oneiric music. Lars once again proves his talent in these ambient tales infused with warm sub basses, sparkly sounds and slow grooves.
releases 20 February 2014
inre066 – (C) & (P) 2014 Ultimae

Written & Produced by Lars Leonhard
Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio

tags: ambient idm downtempo electronic music electronica lars leonhard ultimae Lyon


film festival

NASA`s Goddard Film Festival ‘Best of 2013′ Results – First Place: “Raining Loops” which includes my track THUNDERBOLT !!! That awesome solar flare footage with more than 970.000 viewers/listeners has won the contest. I thank you all so much for your votes. Your major support has led to such a wonderful result and because of you,the video gets so much attention and people from all over the world gets to know my music.
Ì `d like to thank the video producer for such an amazing video. You all deserve to be ranked on the first place

Visit the official nomination here: THE RESULTS